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Ishaan Mehta

Ishaan Mehta is currently a senior at Pepperdine University, studying Political Science and Sociology. Ishaan’s passion for helping those in need started during his family trips to India – where he saw acute poverty and the effects it has on people. Ever since his first trip to India at age 10, Ishaan had a dream of opening an organization to shelter and feed those without a home. Although working in India is far into the future, starting work with the homeless in Los Angeles is a stepping stone towards his eventual goal of expanding Feel The Love to an international program and working with those in India and other nations struggling with poverty.

Josh Fewx

Josh Fewx is currently a Junior at Baylor University, who is actively enrolled in an economics and entrepreneurship double major. Josh had a life changing experience when he became homeless as a young adult – living in the streets of Seattle and Tijuana. He felt oppression from all sides; facing harassment from police, constant scamming from bad actors. Josh felt trapped, used, and abused. It felt like there was no way out, but luckily for Josh he had a caring family that never gave up on him. This family required change if he wanted assistance, and because of that he turned his life around. Most people on the streets aren’t so lucky. Their families have given up on them and they have been forgotten about by most of society. These people just need a chance to prove themselves, and receive some love; and that is something that the Feel the Love family will provide!